About Us


Aarambh is a Pre-school based on the Montessori method of education. At Aarambh, we believe that each child is special and has capacities and talents which are different from the other. This unique individuality of each child has to be respected and nurtured. We follow a Montessori curriculum that provides holistic development in a child. It is a well established fact that, the environment plays a vital role in the development of a human being. At Aarambh, your child will have a comfortable and aesthetically designed environment to work. We have a well designed outer space with tools that will help your child explore and be physically active and exuberent. There is a provision for your child to connect with nature and appreciate the order, harmony and the beauty in nature.


Eager to know what your child does at school ?
You don't need to wait for Parent Teacher meetings and 6 monthly progress reports.
You can walk in and observe your child at work, any time during school hours !




To nourish each child's inquisitiveness and love for learning and build a foundation for lifelong learning




At Aarambh, we strive to provide an environment that makes learning an easy and joyful experience for your child - an environment, where he has the freedom to move, think, experiment, explore and create. We provide individualised learning based on the Montessori method, that responds to the need of each child at each stage of growth and allows the child to learn at his or her best pace.